Create New Document in Playwrite

Playwrite Homescreen

Playwrite Homescreen

There are several ways to create a new document in Playwrite.

To create new documents in Playwrite, do this:

  1. First, open Playwrite by double-clicking on its icon;
  2. Once the application is open, from the Homescreen, double-click a template’s thumbnail image that’s most suitable for your project. You may also click once on the template’s thumbnail and then click the Open button to open the template; and
  3. A new document opens and displays on your screen.

You may also open a new blank document from the homescreen or select File>New from within Playwrite.

Open an existing document

If you have an existing document that you’ve already worked on and saved, you can open it in several ways.
How to open existing Playwrite/ePub documents:

  • From within Playwrite, choose File > Open, select the document, and then click Open.
  • To open a document you’ve recently worked with, choose File > Open Recent and choose the document from the submenu.
  • To open a Playwrite document from the Finder, double-click the document icon or drag it over the Playwrite application icon.

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