Playwrite Basics


Playwrite makes it easy for anyone to Create + Publish beautiful, interactive eBooks and ePeriodicals on multiple devices and platforms. Playwrite is an ePub-based desktop publishing program. It allows users to create interactive eBooks and ePeriodicals optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


Playwrite is an EPUB-based desktop publishing program. EPUB is a format that’s widely compatible with many eReaders and is an industry standard. By using Playwrite, you’ll achieve maximum compatiblity with industry. The software can also open HTML and .txt files. Playwrite’s native format is EPUB 3.0.


Playwrite Homescreen

Playwrite Homescreen

When you first launch Playwrite by double-clicking its icon (e.g., from the Applications folder or from the Dock), you’re greeted with the Homescreen. From here you can select a template to start your project, including a blank project.

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